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    Bjelajce, Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia, 2014

    The administrative function, logistics, and engineering for the coordination management f the activities in the industrial settlement of Bjelajce find their ideal seat within a building specially designed for this purpose, and located in the proximity of the main productive area entrance.
    The volume of the building, three floors high, has sinuous coverage figure. The fronts, made by great dimensions windows and glasses placed on the four sides from which the whole productive plant in visible, have semicircular shape and they give dynamism and movement to the building. The ground floor, accessible from the north front, hosts the functions more closely linked to the activities of production: engineers offices, laboratories, cafè and kitchen, changing rooms with bathrooms and showers. On the first floor, where the main building entrance is located, are the administration and logistics offices, distributed on a central hallway which starts from the central front desk and has a circular shape and double height with zenith lighting thanks to a large skylight in coverage. Finally, on the second floor there are managerial offices and a wide meeting room from which you can enjoy the view on the whole productive settlement and bordering areas. The exterior and interior finishing are made of high efficiency aluminum windows, metal sheets coverage shaped and crimped, floating floor, movable glazed and buffered walls, home automation for the systems and high energy efficiency also reached by a continuous insulation of the curtain walls. All these shrewdness contribute to make the building a high level technology model in architecture.

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  • 018      CLIENT
          RS Silicon d.o.o.
          1.400 MQ
          2014: project - 2014-2015: realization
          Definitive and executive architectural design, structural design and construction management