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    Bjelajce, Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia, 2014

    In the heart of northwest Bosnia, within the Mrkonjic Grad municipality, there is an area characterized by wooded mountains, rivers and streams, on a plot of land on what were already existing productive in Bjelajce, will rise an industrial plant for the processing of silica and its derivatives, strongly supported by the local government. The project will lead to the construction of several buildings connected to each other for the different stages of processing the raw material. The area extends to 70.000 mq and is bounded to the south from the road connecting the main area, while to the north, east and west it is surrounded by the river Crna Rjieka (Black River) and the vegetation that accompanies it. 
    The central portion of the whole area is occupied by the buildings that constitute the main chain of the machining process and reach the height of 40 m from the ground: they are the blast furnace building and the one directly connected to it, that is the fireplace with filters, silo, and cyclones. The other buildings are the generators, the compressors and transformers, the substations of medium voltage, stores and warehouses, storage tanks and water treatment, weighbridge, pits for the raw material crushing. The steel and concrete structures are aseismatic and comply with European regulations.

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  • palazzetto dello sport gianni brera
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          RS Silicon d.o.o.
          70.000 MQ 
          2014: project - 2014-2016: realization
          Definitive and executive architectural design, structural design and construction management