Pontevico, Brescia, IT, 2014

    Sozzi House is a building of great historical and architectural value dating back to the Seventeenth Century subjected to protection in the village of Campazzo, a town in the Municipality of Pontevico. The house is located on two floors and an attic loft and the interiors are divided on the two hallways on the ground and first floor with large side rooms rich in architectural elements, such as three-parted windows and frescoes. The purpose of these works focuses on the adaptation of the architectural organism and on maximum compatibility between specific characteristics of the individual elements of the factory and new functional requirements, while maintaining the historical value and characteristics of the existing, with particular attention to the state of preservation. In general the intervention foresees the redistribution of the insides, the structural consolidation, the conservative restauration of the ceiling wooden parts, the cleaning of the conservable native architectural elements of merit, the systems adjustment and the elimination of those portions of the house realized in recent years, to recover the native plant.

    500 MQ
    2013: project 
    Architectural design and structural design, Safety (CSP-CSE), accounting, construction management, structural tests