• Ampliamento scuola media


    Castel Mella, Brescia, IT, 2002

    The design idea of the new city school, made necessary by the demographic expansion of the country, is inspired by the model of anglo-saxon campus, characterized by the inclusion of all buildings within a vast green area of about 20.000 mq, used for recreational activities. The campus, entirely designed, was then realized for subsequent pieces starting from the new elementary school. The plan of the building, consisting of two parallel building closed toward the east by a third volume, encompasses a wide green lawn. The main structure of the building, consisting of reinforced concrete beams and pillars, visible in the fronts, draws geometrically the all fronts, completed from brick curtain walls and window frames in metal profile. The architectural choice of these elements was also determined by the minimum deterioration and minimum maintenance. Distinguishing quality of the building is the essentiality of the regular pitch of the bays and the full/empty ratio constituted by the regularity of the openings, screens from shelters made of painted steel that compose character of recognizability of the all campus buildings. Inside the building, 21 classrooms for the ordinary school activity, 9 laboratories, a gymnasium, teachers classrooms, infirmary, toilet and collective areas. The internal distribution hallway on ground floor connects the school building with the canteen building for children and teachers, complete with kitchen, a pantry, service area and a large room used as a refectory, a large hall divided into two portions in order to separate the two school orders that benefit from such a service, the primary and the middle school. The canteen is directly connected to the large square between schools for the playful activity of students.

  • polo scolastico castel mella
    Comune di Castel Mella, Brescia, IT
    3.500 MQ
    1999: project, 2000 – 2002: realization
    Integral and coordinated design and structural project and management.