• cascina america


    Castel Mella, Brescia, IT, 1985

    The restructuring of this farm, located nearby the new school campus, provides for the realization of self-sufficient elderly mini-accommodation, with new spaces of aggregation and sharing for the community for the elderly. The purpose of the opera is to maintain, although by inserting in the structure the environments needed to accommodation, the plant of the Lombardy farmhouse, as domestic environment linked to the territory origins. The building, from the typical C-shape in plan on two floors, is completed by a quiet inner garden and a large green area that surrounds the entire building. Rows of trees in the medium and tall trees protect the house toward the main roads and the neighboring lots.

  • cascina america
    Comune di Castel Mella, Brescia, IT
    1.200 MQ
    1984: project, 1984-1985: realization
    Architectural and structural design, construction management, accounting.