• auditorium giorgio gaber


    Castel Mella, Brescia, IT, 2003

    The volumes of the auditorium and the library integrate the campus in the north area near by the America farmhouse, a building for the elderly person. The structure of the auditorium is like a shell of reinforced concrete face to view, covered with grey crimped metal panels in facade and in coverage. The foyer, with internal double height, allows the distribution of the spectators to the hall through a tunnel with spiral staircase. The main hall of the auditorium, which is divided into four sections separated by stairs and passages for the access to seating, contains 376 seats. Inside, the reinforced concrete structure is covered with wooden panelling and suspended ceilings with acoustic shelf. Large window frames provide natural light into the room. The stage in front of the room, approximately 130 mq is placed in raised height and is accessible from a lateral ramp from the lounge and from the area of the locker room. The library, a semicircular volume aggregated to the auditorium, realized with reinforced concrete structure face to view, and characterized with columns and openings windows in facades that allow a comfortable natural lighting environments. The auditorium and library entrance takes place from the square, in the central area of the campus. A large garden complete the batch and a row of trees in north front separates him from the America farmhouse courtyard and garden.

  • auditorium giorgio gaber
    Comune di Castel Mella, Brescia, IT
    1.500 MQ
    2001: project, 2001 – 2003: realization
    Integral and coordinated design